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Luma Surround WiFi Installers

Lama Surround WiFi Installers

Luma Surround WiFi Installers

Luma’s overpriced mesh wifi system can’t stand out

After having reviewed the Google Wifi and the Eero, I found the Luma a bit of deja vu. It’s a similar home mesh Wi-Fi system with three identical hardware units, a mobile app, large Wi-Fi coverage and speed fast enough to deliver a moderate broadband connection.

The Luma has a few distinctive features, including security and web filtering features, but neither screams “must-have.” The system’s performance and mobile app could also use some improvement. And at £399 for a set of three units, the Luma is definitely overpriced, considering the Google Wifi costs £100 less while being faster and easier to use to boot.

Luma Surround WiFi Installers

Luma Surround WiFi Installers


In all, the Luma is like a fast food restaurant, you’ll probably get filled up and be happy for a short while if you get it, but won’t miss out on much if you decide to skip it.

The whole setup process is easy, provided you have a smartphone — the Luma mobile app is the only tool for setup and ongoing management of the system — you must also be willing to sign up for an account with Luma. The Luma must be connected to the vendor at all times in order to work properly and for you to control it. You can’t manage your Luma-powered home network without an outside internet connection.

The good news is there’s not much to manage since the Luma has a limited set of features and customizations. Basically, all you can do is play around with the web filtering and internet pause/prioritization. To be fair, limited features and settings are common to most Wi-Fi systems, including the Google Wifi and the Eero. These are extremely simplified Wi-Fi solutions for those who just want get online quickly and conveniently.

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