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Eero Wi-Fi System

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Relying on a single router is like asking a loud speaker in your living room to provide great sound throughout your home. It’s simple physics: WiFi waves don’t go through walls well and have an even harder time climbing stairs. Ever tried to stream a show from your bedroom when your router’s in the office downstairs? It’s a buffering nightmare.

To solve this, you need multiple access points — devices that broadcast WiFi — distributed throughout your home. That’s what you’ll find in office buildings, both big and small. But these solutions are out of reach for most of us, and all we’re left with is a band-aid solution: range “extenders,” which don’t live up to their name.

Eero Wi-Fi System - Eero Wi-Fi Installers

Eero Wi-Fi System – Eero Wi-Fi Installers

With Erro, you simply plug one device into your modem. Additional eeros simply need power from a standard outlet. They automatically connect to each other to create a single wireless mesh network that covers your whole home. If you already have Ethernet wiring, you can always choose to hardwire your additional eeros.

Three eeros cover the typical home. You can start with one and eero-up depending on the size of your space. With cutting-edge TrueMesh technology, add as many as you need and eero will intelligently adapt to your home. You already pay for high-speed Internet — isn’t it time to get what you’ve paid for in every corner of every room?

Eero Wi-Fi System - Eero Wi-Fi Installers

Eero Wi-Fi System – Eero Wi-Fi Installers

Your WiFi problems, gone

WiFi setup is the worst. You know it. We know it. With eero, simply download the app and plug one eero directly into your existing cable or DSL modem. The app takes it from there, prompting you to create a network name and password. Personality encouraged.

Additional eeros just need power from a wall outlet. The app will help guide you where to place them to maximize their connection. You can add as many as you need to cover your home. Powered by advanced TrueMesh™ technology, they automatically connect to each other wirelessly. If you have Ethernet wiring, you can hardwire some or all of your eeros. eero will intelligently determine whether to send data over Ethernet or through the air.

Eero Wi-Fi System - Eero Wi-Fi Installers

Eero Wi-Fi System – Eero Wi-Fi Installers

WiFi is no longer a black box

The eero app lets you manage your network from the palm of your hand, so you’ll know how many devices are connected and the Internet speed you’re getting from your ISP. The app also allows you to configure advanced settings like DHCP, NAT, DNS, UPnP, Port Forwarding, and flux capacitation.

More family time

Parental controls shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all: they should be tailored to each individual’s age and specific needs. With Family Profiles, manage your family’s screen time by creating profiles, setting schedules, managing devices, and pausing the internet for bedtime or important family moments like dinner. Now, the only thing standing between you and a great family game night is your family.

Alexa, manage my WiFi

Partnering with the Alexa team at Amazon, we’ve reimagined how you can control and use WiFi throughout your home, using just your voice. If you own an Echo, eero’s custom Alexa skill lets you find your phone (or any other device) based on the eero it’s connected to, pause the internet for dinner, or turn off eero’s LED light at bedtime — with a simple voice command.

Eero Wi-Fi System - Eero Wi-Fi Installers

Eero Wi-Fi System – Eero Wi-Fi Installers

Security that’s one step ahead

It may be out-of-sight, out-of-mind once you set it up, but think about the personal data transmitted over your network. eero is protected with state-of-the-art WPA2 encryption, and because it controls the hardware and the software for your entire network, it ensures that you’re always secure.

Since traditional routers don’t push software updates to their customers, they are left vulnerable to cyber attacks. eero updates automatically so that you not only have the latest features, but the latest security.

Never reset your router again

The mysterious silver bullet to many a WiFi woe is to unplug your router, then plug it back in. It’s like blowing on a Nintendo cartridge: a not-so-modern trick. eero regularly runs checkups so your network is always at its best. In the unlikely event that there’s an issue, your system can automatically reboot an individual eero (or multiple eeros) to fix the problem.

Be our guest

Digging through the kitchen drawer and rattling off a 16-digit alphanumeric password from an old Post-it note is crazy. With eero, you invite your friends to join your network straight from the eero app — it can be as simple as sending a text. Plus, you can create an entirely separate guest network with the push of a button. Sure, they’re your friends, but every relationship needs boundaries.

Eero Wi-Fi System - Eero Wi-Fi Installers

Eero Wi-Fi System – Eero Wi-Fi Installers

You need multiple access points

Distance may be good for the heart, but it weakens WiFi signal. Same goes for walls, appliances, neighbors’ networks, metal, water heaters, anything solid. In a nutshell, modern WiFi uses two frequencies to transmit data: 5 GHz waves (the new 802.11ac standard) that are able to transmit more data, but are limited to shorter distances; and 2.4 GHz waves (the older 802.11n standard) that transmit less data but are able to travel farther distances. So, in order to take advantage of 5 GHz speeds, you need multiple access points — devices that broadcast WiFi — distributed throughout your home, so you’re always close to one.

Until now, recreating this sort of setup at home has meant expensive Ethernet wiring, painful manual setup, custom firmware, and an IT person. eero makes this enterprise model simple, elegant, and easy for anyone to manage. Multiple eeros automatically connect to form a wireless mesh network. Unlike the “hub-and-spoke” model of a single router and a range extender, each eero in the network is created equal and the result is an incredibly fast, reliable network.

The Power of TrueMesh

TrueMesh™ is the core software and mesh routing algorithm that powers eero networks. It’s the next generation of wireless mesh technology, custom-built from the ground up to work perfectly with eero. Taking full advantage of the hardware, it means that your WiFi is not only fast and resilient, but also intelligently adapts to your home.

Hyper-fast network (LAN) speed

TrueMesh uses advanced, proprietary protocols to ensure that the link between every eero over the local area network (or LAN) is stronger than ever before, which means that data can move through your home at even faster speeds.

Intelligent WiFi that adapts to your home

TrueMesh understands your network’s full topology – how all of your eeros are connected to each other and to all of the connected devices in your home – in real time. It always finds the best route for data and quickly switches paths to avoid any interference.

Flexibility to add as many as you need

With TrueMesh, data ‘hops’ through as many eeros as you need. At roughly 40 feet per hop, that means you could easily deliver enough bandwidth from one end of a football field to the other, and still be able to stream 4K Netflix in the end zone.

The disappointment of range “extenders”

If you’ve ever tried to give your router a boost with an “extender,” then you’ve experienced true disappointment. That’s because “extenders” can only stretch your signal a single hop — you can’t connect multiple in a row. They often create an entirely separate network (SSID), so you find yourself having to continually switch from one network to the other as you move through your house.

Worse, many range “extenders” cut your bandwidth in half because they rely on a single wireless radio to both send and receive data. In contrast, each eero has two radios — both of which communicate with your devices and sync with other eeros — so your connection is always fast. And with TrueMesh, eero supports multiple hops, making it possible to cover a home of any shape or size. Not only does an eero system operate on a single network name (SSID), but you can also walk throughout your home and devices like your iPhone will connect to the nearest eero.

Eero Wi-Fi System installers

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