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Telephone Wiring Services is an independent Local telephone repair and maintenance company that have a telephone engineer near me with over 20 years of experience in phone and broadband services. Providing fully trained and qualified telecom engineers across the UK We will try to help any way we can. We were set up to provide a 1st class, helpful, speedy service for our customers. We aim to be the better alternative to other big companies that charge you an arm and a leg for a simple service call. If you are having problems with your phone or broadband, then we can help. All our work is fully guaranteed and our telephone engineers are all 10 – 15-year serving engineers. We charge much less than other national companies and can normally complete the work in a shorter time as we are local and will always try do suit your needs.

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Telephone Engineer

Some Personal Phone line Advice

When you are choosing which equipment to use, Which Phone Sockets or Phone Wiring Cable to use, you need look no further than what the major Telephone engineer service providers are using, because you can rest assured that they have spent time and money in finding the best products to use. I use the same supplier as BT / Openreach. You can also be assured that I have been given some of the best training by BT, Would you ask a plumber, electrician or an alarm engineer to install your Telecoms Services! Or would you like an expert Telephone Engineer near me Trained by one of the top leading service providers (BT) at Half the cost. The DIY Phone Services and cables may be super cheap, but they are super cheap for reasons, for a high quality long lasting Telephone Services and Broadband Services, choose the same as the best. My aim is to offer you flexible appointments to suit your needs and time commitments; if you have a Fault with your Telephone Services or a Broadband Problem Then click here for Faults.

         Telephone Engineers That Help

  • Extra Telephone Sockets Add additional extension sockets to your phone line, ideal for sky multiroom systems, fax machines, computer sockets, home offices or in other rooms.                                                            
  • Re-Wiring Includes relocation of existing sockets, tidying up and relocation of internal or external wiring.                                                                                                                                                        
  • Fault Finding & Repair Your service provider e.g BT will only maintain the phone wiring up to your master socket. After this, it is your responsibility to maintain. Our telephone engineer will diagnose any faults on your line and if it’s on your wiring, we can repair it. If it’s on the external network, we will contact your service provider to arrange for them to fix it for you.                                                                             
  • Broadband If you’re experiencing problems with your broadband dropping out or slow connection speeds, then your internal wiring may be at fault. We can diagnose and repair this to increase your speeds. We can also provide additional broadband and cat5 sockets.                                 
  • Home Networking With the expansion of Broadband in homes and offices, you may need to share your Broadband access with different computers. We can install small networks that will link your computers through Cat5e cabling to your main router, allowing simultaneous use of your broadband connection.                                                                                                                                           
  • Maintenance Contracts 24/7 365 days a year maintenance contracts can provide year-round support for your telecoms lines. This includes same day/next day call outs and reduced hourly charges. All contracts include an on-site inspection and site report detailing existing wiring condition and location.
  • Please Book your Telephone engineer today and call 0800 0132341  
Telephone Line Repairs

Fibre Engineers Near Me

Local Broadband Repair engineers

Telephone Engineers near you are qualified fibre optic cable installers / engineers, We can supply and install fibre optic cabling in offices and businesses and also offer local installations for all customers. We always try meet every persons requirements from small business installs to 1000 km trunk routes for the major broadband networks. Everyone of our local experienced installers are fully qualified so you know your in safe hands. We will always come equipped to get the job done quickly and efficiently and at an affordable price. Being at the forefront of technology, we pride ourselves on our innovative products and a fresh attitude to the job at hand. Working closely with the client at all times we aim to meet their individual needs and tastes. No job is ever too unusual! Our Fibre Optic Cable Installers and Fusion Splicers work closely with our clients to locate your fibre optic problems and provide a quick, effective solution whilst minimising downtime. Our business is built upon our excellent reputation, and the good rapport we maintain with clients and on-site customers, meaning the vast majority of our work comes from repeat orders and recommendations Local Fibre Optics Ltd offer a 24/7 maintenance cover with a guaranteed time to site for business-critical installations.

Telephone Engineers near me
Telephone engineer near me

Broadband Engineers near me

Do you have broadband but need help setting it up or linking all devices ? 

  • Once you have received your broadband equipment we can help you set this up quickly and with little fuss.  If you’d prefer, contact us with a date you expect to receive the equipment and we will endeavour to make you an appointment for that date so you can be up and running as quickly as possible!
  • If we set-up your broadband for you we will ensure that your computer equipment has up-to-date anti-virus software, is firewalled and has anti-spyware protection running to help prevent nasty’s from infecting your machine(s) – this is all included in the price!
  • Before we leave you to go surfing in peace we can set-up your web browser(s), email services and instant messengers so that in the future everything is ready to go from the moment your computer has started
  • We can advise you on the best type of network for your needs and set this up with minimum disturbance.
  • We will ensure that all networks are secure to minimise the risk of attack from external sources.
  • Local Telephone Engineers near me will help you with your Broadband Problems.

Upgrade to VDSL Telephone Socket

I’ve recently installed, at a customers home, a very high speed digital subscriber line 2 (VDSL2). BT’s fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) service is the basis of its BT Infinity service. BT do, however, resell this service to some less crappy ISPs. Mine is a business line provided by ISP Spitfire. Here’s how it works:

Telephone wiring services will come and install a new faceplate on your socket. This stacks on top of your existing faceplate and has a cut out in the bottom so that the engineer does not need to disconnect any extensions you have on the socket. The installation is quick and was done within 7 days of booking it.

The faceplate is a filter which splits the phone signal as it comes into your house into VDSL2 and regular phone. It presents you with an RJ11 socket (not RJ45, as a lot of forums are saying) for VDSL2 and a standard BT 431A phone connector.

VDSL Telephone Socket

Telephone Engineers Near Me

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