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Our Broadband Engineers are here to help with all your internet problem please contact us on 0800 0132341 to book a service today and be up and running in no time. Also, feel free to use our free broadband speed test facility to test your broadband connection. Simply click below to start the test. The results shown will give an indication of your connection speed. You can use this information to see if your actual speed matches your expected speed, i.e what you’re paying for.

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E.G you are paying for the 8mb connection and your actual speed is 1mb, there may be problems with your internal wiring causing the loss of speed.

Speed Test requires, at least, version 8 of Flash. Please update your client.

If your results are lower than expected, first check a few simple things.

– Your distance from the telephone exchange. Go to the BT line check facility, this will determine your maximum speed available based on your distance from your local exchange.

– Have you got all filters in every phone socket that has a device connected including fax machines, sky boxes, answer machines etc

– Is your normal phone line faulty, i.e do you have noise on the line, cutting out or ringing problems? If so there may be a line fault

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To check if a fault exists internally or externally, you need to remove the face plate of the master socket. When you have done this plug a working phone into the master socket (faceplate removed) and listen there. If the fault has gone, your wiring is probably at fault. If its still faulty, then contact your service provider to report a problem.

– You can also plug your modem/router directly into the master socket (faceplate removed). If this improves your speed then your internal wiring is faulty. If so contact us and we can send out an engineer to fix the problem for you.

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