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If you have a problem with your telephone system have one of our Siemens telephone Engineer  come out today, because it may sometimes prove to be extremely difficult for you to diagnose where the problem resides and what is required to fix it.

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That is particularly the case where your existing business telecoms system is something of a patchwork quilt in terms of different components, from different suppliers and using different technology, all knitted together in a less than cohesive whole.

This can lead to significant ‘downtime’ and expensive service and maintenance.

By contrast, Siemens telephone systems utilise highly standardised and warranted technology. As their systems are fully integrated and produced to a high quality standard, problems should be minimised. Even if problems do arise, diagnosis is typically straightforward and a resolution quickly found.

Remember that, however sophisticated your telephone system is, if it is broken down then it is no more than a useless collection of technology components. Selecting a solution from Siemens typically ensures that you will achieve a high degree of availability.


Siemens Telephone Engineer

Siemens Telephone Engineer


Supporting Siemens telephone systems

Furthermore Siemens telephone Engineer know that a byword for quality, telephone systems from Siemens may help your business to grow and prosper. Yet there are a few points that you may wish to bear in mind if you are to maximise the benefits obtainable:

  • any telephone system, however well-made and state-of-the-art it is, may need routine and regular maintenance – just as is the case with a motor vehicle;
  • ignoring this maintenance may increase the frequency of problems and outages – things that may cause you huge difficulties in terms of business continuity;
  • arranging for emergency problem resolution is typically less cost-effective than preventing problems arising in the first place;
  • through services, such as ours, helpdesk and telephone systems maintenance contracts just might help you avoid operational problems – and that must be a sensible objective for any small business;
  • of course, however well your system is maintained, there is always still the inevitable risk of problems arising;
  • when they do, it may be safe to predict that your first requirement will be for an urgent contact point in the shape of a helpdesk with access to expertise;
  • the first stage in problem resolution is usually diagnosis and you may be surprised at how frequently that can be conducted speedily and efficiently over the phone;
  • in some situations, it may also be possible to resolve the problem through telephone contact, thereby avoiding the need for on-site visits;
  • if on-site attendance is required, you may also wish to have the peace of mind of having a service level agreement (often known as an SLA) in place that will document average service times in terms of getting an engineer to your premises;
  • typically, it is more cost-effective and efficient to have a contract and agreement in place rather than simply to end up frantically ringing around trying to arrange ad hoc support in the event of a crisis;
  • such an arrangement may also ensure that your support company and their helpdesk, fully understand your system in advance of any particular issues arising;
  • if that is not the case, precious time may be lost while your support staff try to learn the intricacies of your individual system before they can begin to attempt to diagnose the origin of the problem, let alone remedy it;
  • we would always be only too happy to discuss with you, the nature of support and maintenance services for Siemens telephone systems available from us.



A good telephone system and a experienced Siemens telephone Engineer can provide improved customer interaction and satisfaction, enhanced collaboration and communication between internal staff, and ultimately business growth – especially when coupled with other technologies and advancements in communications functionality.

As a major global organisation, Siemens is typically accepted to be one of the major players in terms of technological innovation in the area of business telephone systems.

For a small business, this is important but perhaps not, in itself, critical.

Small businesses rarely have, as a top priority, the need to be at the cutting edge of telecommunications technology.

Yet Siemens not only innovates, they also seek to try and ensure that any existing investment you have in their technology is as protected as possible in terms of future compatibility.

What this means is that if you need to expand your system, it is typically possible to purchase new models or components from Siemens and integrate them relatively easily with your existing Siemens technology.

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