Telephone Line FAQ’s Page

Q – Isn’t it BT’s job to fix my phone line?

A – Your service provider e.g BT, Talk etc, will only maintain your phone line up to the master socket in your property. All the wiring, sockets and equipment after this, are your responsibility to maintain and repair. This is where we can help.

Q – Will BT charge me for repairing my fault?

A – If a fault is found to be in your wiring or equipment then BT will charge you for an engineer to attend and fix the problem. If you are unsure of where the fault lies or how to check this it may be cheaper for one of our engineers to attend to diagnose the problem. If the fault is on your wiring we can fix it there and then if the fault is on the BT network, BT will not charge you for fixing the fault.

Q – Are your engineers allowed to work on my phone line?

A – Because the wiring and equipment after the master socket is owned by you, we are allowed to maintain it for you. All our engineers are fully qualified and BT accredited.

Q – How much do you charge?

A – We charge much less than major telecoms companies, see our price guide for details

Q – How quickly can you attend?

A – Our normal call out times are within 3 working days. Emergency call outs within 24 hours. We work evenings and weekends and will arrange a time to suit you.

Q – How do I pay?

A – Payment is made directly to the engineer on completion of the work. You will receive a receipt which also acts as your 12-month guarantee. Payment can be made online via our secure server, over the phone or by cheque.