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Telephone Engineer Harrogate is always there if you are looking for a phone line repair service covering Harrogate and the North Yorkshire area , as we specialise in fixing telephone line faults, installing new extensions and installation of business telephone systems across Harrogate. We are committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations from your first contact with us right through to our aftercare service to ensure we always come highly recommended for our future customers. Gary Pearce is an independent local phone socket engineer specialising in telephone and broadband repairs, installations and fault finding at a very competitive rate. We also install and maintain business telephone systems for small local businesses. If you’re having problems with slow or virtually unusable broadband or your phones are not ringing, we can help you as fixing faults on existing telephone and broadband lines are our specialist area and we have some very high-quality testing equipment to find the cause of your fault and get you back up and running as swiftly as possible.


Are Telephone Engineer required when diagnosing a line fault?

Telephone Engineer Harrogate need you to know when the telephone line goes dead many people panics and call their service provider straight away but this could turn out to be an expensive mistake. Some faults can be caused by equipment and extensions within the home that are not covered by the service provider.

Most houses in Harrogate use a master socket known as an NTE5 which has a detachable front plate that can be removed by taking out 2 short screws. By removing this front plate, assuming the house has been wired to standard, you will be disconnecting all internal telephone extensions. The remaining part of the master socket or NTE5 now has a test socket in the bottom right-hand corner to be used to test the incoming line.

Are You Getting A Dialing Tone?

The next step is to take a telephone that you know is working, preferably one that does not require mains electricity, and plug it into the test socket and listen for a dialing tone. If there is no dialing tone at this test socket then the fault is very likely to be in the external network and all work to repair the fault can be carried out by the service provider free of charge.

Your Harrogate Based Phone Line Engineer can test if there is a dialing tone at the test socket and the tone disappears when the front plate is reinstated then there is a fault on the internal wiring or equipment. The next step is to unplug from telephone sockets any equipment/modems/telephones in the house. If there is still no dialing tone then there must be a fault on the internal wiring within the house.

 Harrogate Telephone Engineer Callout:

Harrogate Telephone Engineer repair this sort of fault, the best way forward is to get a trained telephone engineer to the property. This can be done through your service provider but will be expensive with any work on the internal wiring starting around £200. Another option is to contact a reputable engineer in the local press or via the Internet, preferably an ex BT engineer who can offer the skills required for a lot less cost.

Many people are still under the premise that only BT Telephone Engineers are allowed to work on internal/external telephone faults and will only call them out. Though this is true about the external (any telephone wires outside of the property), it is not true of the wires within the home.

It would be wise to keep in mind that calling me out would actually work out at least 50% cheaper than BT themselves and the work are carried out to the same standards due to me being an ex-bt engineer for many years.

Calling out a Harrogate Telephone Engineer or even a Broadband Engineer from Harrogate, you would actually be saving yourself a lot of money. Though that said, you may save yourself even more if you follow the simple instructions provided within this article.

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Telephone Engineer Harrogate

Telephone Engineer Harrogate

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