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If you have a fault on your phone line, first go through these simple steps:

1) Check your phones – Are they working? Check a known working phone in the socket

– Your phone is faulty, replace it with a new one

2) If you have a newer style master socket (NTE5) then remove the lower face plate and test a phone at this point

– If the phone now works, your internal wiring maybe at fault. Contact us to arrange an engineer to attend.

3) You have probably got a fault on the outside phone network, contact your service provider to report it, in the following ways:

Residential Faults – 0800 800 151
Business Faults – 0800 800 154
BT line tester here

Virgin Media
Techincal Support – 0845 454 1111
Online status site here

Talk Talk
Faults – 08700 878777

Technical Support – 08442 410 515


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